Our Story

Inland still maintains traditional values and integrity while embracing leading technologies and alternative fuels to provide superior service.  Inland a Bobcat North America Company.  http://www.bobcatnorthamerica.com

Inland and itsN68 IMAG0423 affiliated companies are privately-held by the company’s corporate officers. This focused management structure allows the company to proactively respond to the needs of our customers.

Inland is a professional solid waste and recycling services company founded in 1953. In late 2012 Inland rebranded as Inland Waste Solutions, LLC and then joined Bobcat North America in 2016. Inland Waste Solutions provides waste and recycle services in 9 states.


Company Size

Inland is a mid-sized private corporation that is large enough to dedicate qualified personnel and assets while successfully managing the services that are required for each of the communities we serve. Unlike the slow-moving, multi-layered, unresponsive bureaucracy of our mega-competitors, Inland maintains a focused management structure and approach that works efficiently to meet our customers’ needs.

On-Route Technologies
Inland utilizes RFID data capture capabilities on our vehicles, dumpsters and carts. These on-route technologies allow us to track our vehicles and to provide real-time service verification for all residential and commercial refuse customers.

Customer Service Focus
Inland Waste Solutions is in business to provide safe, reliable, and friendly solid waste management service to our customers. We recognize that our customer have much more important things to worry about than garbage collection. That is why we go to great effort to make sure our trucks are on schedule and our employees are professional and remain courteous at all times. We hope that if our job is done right, our customers do not even notice us! Safety, convenience, and dependability are our most important concerns.

We hope to develop lasting relationships in each of the communities we serve for many years. We work very hard to make sure that our customer’s entire experience with us is a positive one. Servicing thousands of customers each week is challenging and complex. Although we are successful in this effort the great majority of the time, there are instances when things do not go as planned. How we respond to these instances is what separates Inland from the rest of our competitors.

Inland currently provides service in the following communities:

Appleton,WI                                                                                                                           Augusta,GA                                                                                                                                                             Bethel Heights, AR FT.Smith,AR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Harrison, AR

Rogers,AR                                                                                                                                                                  Topeka,KS

For more info on each of our divisions, please see our locations page.

Inland Waste Solutions, LLC is a Bobcat North America Company.

Learn more about Bobcat North America, LLC.  Visit us at our web site:  www.bobcatnorthamerica.com